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Posted by ardeidae on June 06, 2005

There’s a reason for the lack of postings to the website in the last week…I’ve been away from Los Angeles, on vacation in New York City. In fact, I’ll still be here for a few more days. I brought my iBook with every intention of updating the site with at least some Fledglinks, but by the time I get back to the hotel late and after a big dinner, I’m usually too exhausted to do anything but sleep. With an early dinner, tonight is a bit of an exception.

Being in NYC has helped me make a decision I’ve been debating with myself over the last couple months. When I launched the site, I chose to try an objective route, keeping the personal slant to a minimum to allow for one to make up his or her own mind on a topic. It’s been tough to do, especially when the post specifically relates to conservation. From now on, some posts are going to continue the way they have, while others are going to get a more personal touch. When I get back to L.A., there will be a full report of what I’ve done and the birds I’ve seen. Stay tuned.


I think a more personal slant is just the flavor this bird needs! I mean, um, Go for it! Hope you’re having fun.

Posted by Todd  on  06/06  at  11:26 PM

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