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Posted by ardeidae on November 29, 2005

The holidays are coming up and if you’re shopping for that Special Someone—whether its your S.O., your family, your friends, or your landlord—you might know exactly what they need. But if you’re anything like me, trying to find “just the right thing” can be a real challenge. Indecisiveness doesn’t help matters either. “Do you think he has one of these?...Think this is her style?...What about this instead?” And forget finding a parking space at the mall…it was just taken. If that Special Someone you’re shopping for isn’t a birder…well…you’re on your own. But if that person is a birder, the Birding Gear Big Board could help you find just what you that Special Someone needs. Their tag line reads “reviews of birding books, optics, cameras, and gear…by bloggers you trust!” I know the folks running the site, either personally or by following their blogs, and I’d definitely put trust into their thorough reviews.

Birding Gear Big Board





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