Birdnappers Plan Fails

Posted by ardeidae on February 07, 2005

A pair of birdnappers were partially successful in their attempt to steal eight birds from the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati, OH. The “Hidden Treasures of the Rainforest Islands” exhibit allows people to feed free-flying birds. The couple seduced eight of the birds and stashed them in their oversized coats and proceeded to leave. On their way out, a pair of lorikeets escaped in the gift shop, tipping off aquarium staff. The couple managed to take off with four Green-Naped Lorikeets, a Forsten’s Lorikeet, and the endangered Chattering Lory.

The two people got away, but not before the security cameras got a good shot of them. The police managed to track down their residence. About the same time, aquarium biologists realized there was an exotic bird show nearby and decided to make a visit. Sure enough, the culprits were there. Police confronted them and they admitted to stealing the birds. After a visit to their residence, the birds were safely recovered.

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