Campbell Island Teal Hatches at Wellington Zoo

Posted by ardeidae on January 12, 2005

A pair of critically endangered Campbell Island Teals (Anas nesiotis) has a new addition to their family. With less than a hundred birds in captivity, Wellington Zoo has successfully hatched a new duckling. As first-time parents, the rare breeding pair laid five eggs. One survived and has been granted permission for public viewing. More ducklings could be on the way as the second clutch of eggs is now being incubated and are expected to hatch by the end of the month.

It’s been a difficult recovery for the small flightless, nocturnal bird. The Cambell Island Teal was though to be extinct until a small population was found in the mid-70s. The New Zealand Department of Conservation’s reintroduction plan(PDF) will hopefully give a boost to allowing these birds to thrive once again on Campbell Island and bring themselves back from extinction.





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