Hawks Evicted from Central Park

Posted by ardeidae on December 08, 2004

A family of Red-Tailed Hawks has lost their nest after a decade of residing on a 12th-floor ledge of a co-op apartment building overlooking Central Park.  The building’s engineer advised that it be removed, citing health and safety violations. The male, known as Pale Male because of his plumage, has resided there since 1993 and has fathered about two dozen chicks.

For the past nine years, people have gathered to watch Pale Male and his mates. The hawks gained fame through the book “Red-Tails in Love: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park” as well as numerous documentaries such as NPR’s “The Birdman of Central Park” and the award-winning “Pale Male” narrated by Joanne Woodward.

December 23, 2004: After lots of controversy and protests by Pale Male’s and Lola’s fans (including Mary Tyler Moore), the National Audubon Society successfully convinced building management to reinstate the hawk’s nesting structure.

December 29, 2004: It seems Pale Male and Lola have been checking out the new structure and may be considering moving back in.





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