I and the Bird #22 and #23

Posted by ardeidae on May 15, 2006

I'm a bit behind in posts due to some recent craziness at my day job, but things are starting to loosen up a little and I thought I'd start trying to catch up by mentioning the last two I and the Bird carnivals.

In I and the Bird #22, Kristin of Home Bird Notes not only does a wonderful job in tying together the many awesome posts, but she also helps us find out what each place is known for. Check out all the stories and get a great sense of what each place is all about.

At birdDC, Nick's writeup of I and the Bird #23 could land you a Peterson Field Guide of your choice. After checking out all the posts, see if you can identify each slice of bird and email him with your list. The first one to get 'em all right gets the guide. Hurry up though, some people are getting real close!

As always, if you'd like to participate in or host a carnival yourself, make sure to check out the "I and the Bird" info page. The deadline for submissions for the next carnival is May 23.

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