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Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds
A show about birdwatching--in the backyard and beyond.


On show #243: we hear about parakeets in the Boston Public Garden; we learn some amazing facts about Ben Franklin's choice for our national symbol; and Mike proffers some advice about presenting pumpkin seeds to your feeder birds. (9298KB)


On show #242: we welcome Chris Rimmer from the Vermont Center for Ecostudies as co-host, and we learn about the biggest tern in the world. (9065KB)


On show #241: we learn about the amazing behavior of a Whip-poor-will relative; we get a rare bird report from a listener in Toronto; and a lady name Phoebe provides the inspiration for our Mystery Bird contest. (9167KB)


On show #240: we learn about a bird who sounds like the Pillsbury Doughboy, and we find our Mystery Bird in a prairie dog hole. (9341KB)


On show #239: we learn about the bird that's the national symbol of Kazakhstan; Mike offers advice on whether to put rice in your feeders; and we begin the show with the sound of...silence. (9594KB)


On show #238: we'll hear how Martha Stewart turned her backyard into a mecca for birds; Mike talks about the world's heaviest bird feeder; and Ray Charles helps us introduce our Featured Feathered Friend. (9356KB)


On show #237: lots of folks in the northeast are saying the birds have disappeared from their backyards. On today's show, we try to find out why. (9421KB)


On show #236: we present a Mystery Bird that says its name, and we find our Featured Feathered Friend way down in South Texas. (9924KB)


On show #235: we learn about the bird that inspired the saying, "you look prettier than a pewee in a peckerwood tree." Our man John Galluzzo checks in live from Block Island, and we get a fearless fall finch forecast from Mike O'Connor. (9683KB)


On show #234: we offer praise for the "common" crow, and for another bird that gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment. (9266KB)


On show #233: From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York, features Laura Erickson, editor of the Birdscope newsletter; a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as our featured bird; and a live sighting of a juvenile Bald Eagle! (9826KB)


On show #232: We learn about a bird that's also a pack rat; we report an unusual close encounter; and we get jealous over a bird's ability to lose weight, fast. (9247KB)


On show #231: We learn about a fellow named Dick who lived in the White House long before Dick Nixon. Also today, we NEARLY stump our callers on the Mystery Bird contest, and we offer a salute of sorts to the people of Hinckley, Ohio. (9059KB)


On show #230: Scott Weidensaul explains why shade-grown coffee is essential for the survival of birds. Also today, we hear a bird that sounds like a frog, and Mike solves an Osprey mystery for a listener. (9651KB)


On show #229: Scott Weidensaul explains why shade-grown coffee is essential for the survival of birds. Also today, we hear a bird that sounds like a frog, and Mike solves an Osprey mystery for a listener. (9243KB)


On show #228: we learn about red-eyed birds and skunk-headed coots, and how to find owls in the daytime. (9399KB)


On show #227: Wayne Petersen talks about the Important Bird Areas program and bird-friendly coffee. And Mike answers the provocative question, "Why can't we get British women to twitch?" (9569KB)


On show #226: we offer free samples of bird-friendly Birds and Beans coffee; the big bad Black-back stars as our Featured Feathered Friend; and in our Let's Ask Mike segment we hear about the Cardinal vs. the Oldsmobile. (9204KB)


On show #225: David Clapp talks about shorebirds heading south, and the shearwater spectacular; Mike discusses the "robin with a sore throat;" and a listener ID's a hard-to-find Mystery Bird. (8965KB)


On show #224: we find out why our Mystery Bird has a strangely-shaped bill; we learn about a blue heron that's sometimes white; and we salute an Australian town for their successful battle against waste and pollution. (9196KB)


On show #211: the late, great Roger Miller helps us introduce our Featured Feathered Friend; we field a couple of calls from Canada; and Mike helps a listener solve a cowbird conundrum. (8217KB)


On show #210: bird migration researcher Tim Spahr describes how he predicted a big fallout of birds last spring and how he might do it again. Also today our man Mike explains the behavior of paint-eating Blue Jays, and we learn how a beautiful diver got its name. (8171KB)


On show #209: David Clapp joins us for some hummingbird talk; Mike offers advice for a concerned backyard birder; and "Daddy Longlegs" is today's Mystery Bird. (7628KB)


On show #208: an email quiz leads you to a 2-pound bag of Birds and Beans bird-friendly coffee. Also today, Mike solves a mystery about bees in bird feeders, and we learn about the plain bird with the flashing wings. (8122KB)


On show #207: we try to solve the mystery of a Robin's egg found in February; we give away more Birds and Beans coffee; and we learn some interesting stuff about a misnamed bird. (8260KB)


On show #206: we travel to ancient Troy to learn about a "beautiful swimmer;" our man Mike answers a question about birds and salmonella; and you could win a two-pound bag of bird-friendly coffee in our email quiz. (7907KB)


On show #205: we learn about the only true lark that's native to North America; Mike opines on the effect of cold weather on the timing of migrating birds; and our resident poet, Doug Chickering, laments "The Year of Perpetual Winter." (8021KB)


On show #204: we learn about a bird that looks like a Viking ship; Mike answers a surprising listener question; and we give away 6 pounds of bird-friendly coffee! (9460KB)


On show #203: renowned field guide author and naturalist Kenn Kaufman joins us to provide some first-hand observations about the importance of bird-friendly coffee. Also today, we head way out west to learn about a bird from...way back east. (8251KB)


On show #202: we welcome naturalist and author Scott Weidensaul, who explains the virtues of bird-friendly coffee. Also today, we stump our listeners on the Mystery Bird Contest, and Mike discusses how ultraviolet light may prevent bird window crashes. (8293KB)


On show #201: biologist Bridget Stutchbury talks about bird-friendly coffee and the Birds and Beans northern tour. Also today, Mike shatters a myth about birds and Christmas trees, and we learn a great way to tell the difference between a Cooper's Hawk and a Sharpie. (8133KB)


On show #200: Dr. Russell Greenberg of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center explains why drinking shade-grown coffee is so important. Also today, we learn about an owl that flies like a crow, and we present a Let's Ask Mike segment that we call "Like the Downy of a thistle." (7341KB)


On show #199: we learn about a beautiful bird whose diet ranges from fish and crustaceans to carrion from Polar Bear kills. Also today, our Let's Ask Mike segment helps a listener deal with suet-stealing starlings. (7832KB)


On show #198: we learn about a bird that's not as quiet as his name would suggest; and Mike answers a question about putting lavender your birdbath. (7927KB)


On show #197: intrepid birder Doug Chickering describes his amazing bird-a-day feat and waxes poetic about his favorite sightings of 2008. (8192KB)


On show #196: we hear about the strange legend of the Barnacle Goose, we debut our poem entitled "Shooting Clouds," and in our Let's Ask Mike segment the score is Barred Owl 1, American Crow 0. (8176KB)


On show #195: we learn about a sea mouse and an evening singer and get some tips on keeping your tabby away from your troglodytes. (8001KB)


On show #194: we discover how the voyages of Captain Cook led to the naming of a tern; we hear a bird that sounds like a cow; and Mike helps a listener who's craving crossbills. (8254KB)


On show #193: we hear about the Bush Administration's plans to remove protections for endangered species. Also today, we head for the tropics to meet our Featured Feathered Friend, and Mike sounds off on the perils of using mixed seed. (8322KB)


On show #192: we hear about a falcon from the north, a Bluebird from the west, and a handsome fellow who wears a necklace. (7773KB)


On show #191: we hear about a falcon from the north, a Bluebird from the west, and a handsome fellow who wears a necklace. (7966KB)


On show #190: we learn about a misnamed warbler; we ALMOST stump our listeners in the Mystery Bird Contest; and Mike explains what to do if your finches diss your thistle. (8120KB)


On show #189: Massachusetts Audubon's John Galluzzo joins us as co-host; we learn some fascinating facts about the Wilson's Snipe; and we hear about what might be the start of a big winter finch invasion. (7470KB)


On show #188: we hear one man's idea of the world's sexiest birds; we nearly stump our listeners in the Mystery Bird Contest, and in our Let's Ask Mike segment, the topic is "Drill, Baby, Drill." (8102KB)


On show #186: a mad scientist helps us create a Featured Feathered Friend; Mike warns us about the dangers of empty bird feeders; and our new contributor Doug Chickering waxes poetic about...cormorants. (8153KB)


On show #185: raptor expert Shawn Carey joins us live from the top of Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania. Also on today's show, Mike O'Connor tackles the topic of feather felony, and a weed seed-eating songbird challenges callers in our Mystery Bird Contest. (8185KB)


On show #184: an infamous old TV commercial helps us introduce a Featured Feathered Friend; Mike helps a listener save money while heating her birdbath; and we're giving away a beautiful prize in our email contest. (7348KB)


On show #183: award-winning author and naturalist Scott Weidensaul talks about the new "Birds & Beans" initiative. Also today, the Theme from Rawhide helps us re-introduce a Featured Feathered Friend, and Mike tells a listener how gorging House Sparrows retain their slender shapes. (7944KB)


On show #187: an indian legend tells how a certain duck came to have red eyes; Mike opines about a crow/raptor standoff; and we learn about another bird/dinosaur connection in a visit to our Science Corner. (7893KB)


On show #182: a familiar-sounding Mystery Bird fools a number of callers; we hear the lament of the House Finch; and Mike tackles a legal question about collecting birds' nests. (8216KB)


On show #181: we hear some predictions about which northern finches may visit the lower 48 this winter; we feature a bird that looks a lot better than it sounds; and Mike explains why pigeons walk so weirdly. (8099KB)


On show #180: we hear about wrestling Mockingbirds, the wonders of Block Island, and the only "true migrant" Eastern woodpecker. (8066KB)


On show #179: Mass Audubon's Wayne Petersen tells us about a new program that will turn off the lights in Boston skyscrapers to reduce energy use...and save migrating birds. And we stump our listeners in today's Mystery Bird Contest. (8093KB)


On show #178: we catch the East Coast excitement about a Southwest hummer; we also learn some fun facts about the Ruby-throat; and we even get some advice about pigeons. (8281KB)


On show #177: we get some great reports on migrating nighthawks, and Whimbrels at a Pops Concert, and a live report from the Isles of Shoals in the Gulf of Maine. Also today, Mike provides some good binocular advice. (8131KB)


On show #176: we learn about birds that boom, and birds that break speed records, and Mike tells a listener why her birds are so quiet. (7940KB)


On show #175: we stump our callers in the Mystery Bird Contest, we "crown" a featured bird, and Mike answers a listener's eggshell inquiry. (8285KB)


On show #174: We hear about a southwestern hummer that's causing a stir in Massachusetts; we learn about a bird that rubs its feathers with mothballs; and we try to answer a question about a dove that just refuses to go home. (8009KB)


On show #172: we hear some fabulous conservation news from Canada. Also today, we learn why a muddy retriever might bring birds to your yard. And, take this Featured Bird...please! (8348KB)


On show #173: Boreal Campaign Senior Scientist Jeff Wells shares the good news about 55 million acres being protected in northern Ontario. Also today, we stump our callers in the Mystery Bird Contest, and a quote from the great Aldo Leopold introduces our Featured Feathered Friend. (8075KB)


On show #171: we "return to those thrilling days of yesteryear," hear a most unusual-sounding bird, and try to solve a mystery about some nocturnal woodpeckers. (7986KB)


On show #170: we hear the sound that gives a tiny predator its name; we hear the calls of roosting parakeets; and in our Let's Ask Mike segment, we hear some advice about dealing with a screeching Great Horned Owl. (8118KB)


On show #169: we get a trucker-friendly introduction to our Featured Feathered Friend; we stump our callers with a wild-sounding Meadowlark relative; and our man Mike reveals the "secrets" of some long-lived birds. (8118KB)


On show #168: we get a live mountaintop bird report, we learn how a wandering songbird got its name, and we hear about an "exploding" Mockingbird. (8118KB)


On show #167: we listen to some frightening creatures with huge red eyes, hear "testimony" from a Congressional hearing, and solve the mystery of the Peeping Tom Chipping Sparrows. (8118KB)


On show #166: we learn how feeding phalaropes defy gravity, and we recount a bird's story that began in Central Park. (8171KB)


On show #165: we revisit a favorite Featured Friend, and Mike tells us why we should clean our houses...once a year. (8171KB)


On show #164: a Featured Friend not to be trifled with; a Mystery Bird that'll pilfer from your picnic table; and Mike talks about the increasing cost of filling your...birdfeeders. (8514KB)


On show #163: we learn the remarkable history of a Featured Feathered Friend, and Mike tries to help with a backyard burglary. (7933KB)


On show #162: We're serenaded by Tiny Tim and Slim Whitman (!) as we learn about a bird that times its egg laying to the phases of the moon. And we pay a visit to the Talkin' Birds Science Corner. (7721KB)


On show #161: We present a reprise of our Kentucky Birdy race; we answer the question "what's a bullbat?"; and a listener describes a wild backyard scene. (8333KB)


On show #160: We get a live report from the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, and feature a bird that sounds like two stones banging together. (8204KB)


On show #159: Dr. Bridget Stutchbury talks about the many threats facing neotropical migrants as described in her new book; we meet the "Canada Jay;" and we stump our callers in our Mystery Bird contest. (8192KB)


On show #158: we learn how the Anna's Hummingbird makes its mysterious "chirp," and we feature a bird with a plume on its pileum! (8115KB)


On show #157: we hear some disturbing news about pesticide use south of the border; we learn about the only shorebird that uses leks; and Mike helps a listener deal with messy visitors. (8223KB)


On show #156: an Alaskan listener reports some cool sightings, John Galluzzo checks in from Nantucket island, and Mike O'Connor has some advice for a bluebird lover. (8066KB)


On show #155: we learn what happened to the Rufous-sided Towhee; we recall the year when there was no summer; and we spread some good news about the beautiful Red Knot. (7852KB)


On show #154: we'll hear how some New Jersey officials are trying to save the Red Knot. We'll also get some insight into this winter's irruptions of Boreal birds; and our man Mike pontificates about peanuts. (8121KB)


On show #153: we're wowed by the traveling exploits of a certain shorebird; Dr. Jeff Wells joins us to talk about his important new book; and we stump our callers on the Mystery Bird Contest (and forget to reveal its identity--we'll do so next week!) (8148KB)


On show #152: we enter the world of the Great Grey Owl through the poetry of John Caddy; we learn about some amazing dove behavior; and Mike dispenses some advice to a finch-deprived listener. (7646KB)


On show #151: we learn some remarkable things about the Solitary Sandpiper; Mike explains why a House Sparrow emptied an entire feeder without eating anything; and we hear about some great options for handicapped birders. (8262KB)


On show #150: we learn about the "symbol of the wild north," and we solve mysteries about a loner bird...and a lonely birdbath (7823KB)


On show #148: William Cullen Bryant helps us with our Featured Feathered Friend; a special guest tells us about an amazing new system for watching nighttime bird migration; and Mike tells a listener why he doesn't see birds on weekdays! (7611KB)


On show #148: we learn the truth about Carduelis Pinus; we hear from a silly-sounding Mystery Bird (who'll remain a mystery until next week); and Mike offers advice on...getting rid of a bird. (8121KB)


On show #147: we hear about a bird that avoids injury through built-in airbags; Mass. Audubon's John Galluzzo joins us in studio; and Mike offers some good winter backyard bird advice. (8146KB)


On show #146: we hear from bird song expert Don Kroodsma, with music inspired by birds; and Mike recommends preparing suet at home...NOT! (8216KB)


On show #145: we present a swimming "turkey," an effervescent pipsqueak, and a discussion about fly paper! (8098KB)


On show #144: we learn about one of Eastern America's favorite birds; we come REALLY close to stumping our listeners on the Mystery Bird Contest; and Mike offers some advice on attracting winter finches. (8358KB)


On show #143: we wax poetic about a visitor from the north; a tiny brown Mystery Bird nearly stumps our listeners; and Mike explains how a little tray can solve a critter problem. (8181KB)


On show #142: we present a bird with a "red beret and a black goatee." We also welcome a special guest, and we recount the mysteries surrounding the Red Crossbill. (8181KB)


On show #141: we learn about a songbird that behaves like a raptor, and a tropical bird that can moonwalk better than Michael Jackson! (7769KB)


On show #140: we know cats are bad news for birds, but how about dogs? And, should birds line their nests with...fiberglass insulation? (8239KB)


On show #139: we "construct" a Featured Feathered Friend," present a Mystery Bird which gets its name from its call, and get some bird feeding advice from our man Mike. (8005KB)


On show #138: ornithologist Marshall Iliff talks about western hummingbirds wintering in New England; and he explains why the Red Crossbill may soon be "split" into several species. (8053KB)


On show #137: we hear that an item in your desk drawer could prevent bird window crashes. Also today, Ray waxes nostalgic about birding in the snow, and Mike talks about another southern bird that may be moving north. (8005KB)


On show #136: we learn why New Englanders are being encouraged to put out hummingbird! Also today, we hear a bird that sounds like a motorboat, and Mike tells us what he thinks about attracting birds with cranberries. (8028KB)


On show #135: we find out why our beautiful Mystery Bird doesn't sing; we learn about a bird that's not as big as it looks; and Mike offers some tips on caring for your...dead trees. (8223KB)


On show #134: we start with a scary--and amazing--Featured Feathered Friend, present a Mystery Bird that sounds like a chipmunk, and hear from a listener about why you might want to put red squares on the side of your house! (8152KB)


On show #133: we learn about a spectacular diver, and a migration champion; and Mike shatters a myth about... exploding birds. (81875KB)


On show #132: our Mystery Bird almost stumps our callers, Mike answers a Mockingbird migration question, and we feature the bird that inspired the old Heckel and Jeckel TV cartoon. (8061KB)


On show #131: we answer a question about bald Cardinals, we hear an amazing story about a winged shoplifter, and our Mystery Bird arrives in Massachusetts after a 150 year absence! (7998KB)


On show #130: we hear from listeners in Alaska and Japan, and we learn about North America's only all-red bird. (8143KB)


On show #129: the Mystery Bird is an underrated mimic; our Featured Feathered Friend is a scary one; and a listener offers some good reasons to keep your hummingbird feeders up after the end of summer. (8050KB)


On show #128: we focus on raptors--with Shawn Carey in a live report from the top of Pennsylvania's Hawk Mountain; in our Featured Feathered Friend segment; and with our near-stumper Mystery Bird. (8425KB)


On show #127: birding guru (and Red-Footed Falcon discoverer) Vern Laux tells us about a huge incursion of Purple Finches and Red-breasted Nuthatches..and why you might want to put up more feeders this fall. And we learn that the Sandhill Crane has established a new nesting location. (8067KB)


On show #126: we again almost stump our callers in our Mystery Bird Contest; and Ray files one of his "Rooftop Reports." (8196KB)


On show #125: we hear from a very underappreciated bird, and we also hear from new listeners in New Jersey and Oregon. (7987KB)


On show #124: the Elvis Bird meets...Elvis. And why they're linked by the year 1935. Also today, a last minute caller IDs our Mystery Bird, and our man Mikes gives us some good Osprey talk. (8071KB)


On show #123: we feature what may be the world's most graceful flyer; and we present a Mystery Bird that could end up making big news! (7438KB)


On show #122: "Jim" is a game show contestant as we present our Featured Feathered Friend; we stump all of our Mystery Bird callers; and Mike advises a listener about preserving an aging next box. (7733KB)


On show #121: we discover the identity of the "French Mockingbird," stump callers from Georgia and Texas on our Mystery Bird Contest, and learn about a bird that can thank Dutch Elm disease for its population growth. (7952KB)


On show #120: we hear a bird that's pound-for-pound one of the loudest on the planet; we learn some fascinating facts about those cigars with wings; and Mike helps a listener deal with a "herd" of grackles. (8218KB)


On show #119: we enjoy calls from 2 parts of Illinois, present an intriguing question to Mike from a listener in Israel, and learn some amazing facts about a bird from India! (8273KB)


On show #118: we talk by phone with Mass Audubon's John Galluzzo in the middle of his bird walk, and former Sanctuary Director David Clapp pays us an entertaining visit in the studio. (8198KB)


On show #117: We salute our friends north of the border in our Featured Feathered Friend segment. Also today, our man Mike O'Connor, whose new book just got a rave review in Birder's World Magazine, helps a listener with a startling problem. (7884KB)


On show #116: on today's show, we almost stump all of our Mystery Bird callers; Mike offers advice to a frustrated backyard birder; and our Science Corner reveals some amazing research about apparent weapon use by birds. (8211KB)


On show #115: on today's show, we learn some of the secrets that have helped Don Kroodsma become the world's leading authority on birdsongs. (8639KB)


On show #114: on today's show, we meet Barbara Volkle, moderator of the highly-successful email list; Mike offers some feline-fighting advice to a listener from Wales; and our Mystery Bird proves to be a stumper. (8425KB)


On show #113: on today's show, editor Lisa White talks about her new book "Good Birders Don't Wear White"; we get a long-distance winner in our Mystery Bird Contest; and Mike tackles a question about an avian "Aztec Two-step." (7933KB)


On show #112: today's show, one listener suggests to another that there's only one sure way to eliminate House Sparrows--and it's not pretty. Plus, a couple o' cowpokes introduce our Featured Feathered Friend. (8321KB)


On show #111: today's show offers a potpourri of listener questions and observations by phone and email, while Mike offers some sage advice about bird books. (8073KB)


On show #110: it's Mother's Day, and singer Tiny Tim (remember him?) opens the show for us, while we nearly stump our listeners on the Mystery Bird Contest, and Mike O'Connor answers a listener question as only he can! (8277KB)


On show #109: we present our avian version of the Kentucky Derby; recall an old jingle for our Featured Feathered Friend segment; and get some good avice on attracting Bluebirds to your yard. (8239KB)


On show #108: Ray recaps his birdy week in Louisiana; Mike offers good advice on avoiding avian window crashes; and listeners report on some exciting migratory bird sightings. (8372KB)


On show #107: We hear about our producer's excellent raptor sighting while being treated by his chiropractor, and the Pillsbury Doughboy helps us with our Featured Feathered Friend! (7900KB)


On show #106: Vern Laux explains why he's so excited about a pending Nor'easter; and we hear about new research that links chickens to Tyrannosaurus Rex! (8070KB)


On show #103: A Hummingbird migration update; Mass Audubon's John Galluzzo files a live report from Nantucket; and our Mystery Bird proves to be surprisingly elusive. (8050KB)


On show #105: We hear some Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds; we hear from feeder expert Mike O'Connor on attracting and feeding hummingbirds; and guest Kathleen Anderson gives us an unusual tax tip. (8182KB)


On show #104: Our show today is...unbelievable! We think you'll like it. (8155KB)


On show #102: A controversial plan to protect Piping Plovers--with a gun. And Mike offers some good advice about birdhouses. (8093KB)


On show #101: We visit a carnival side show, talk with birding guru Wayne Petersen, and stump our listeners with our Mystery Bird. (8064KB)


On show #100: We find out the difference between an American Coot and an old coot. And in our Science Corner, we learn--once again--that birds may be smarter than we think. (79679KB)


On show #99: Expert and trainer Sue Finnegan explains what it takes to be a bird bander, and we take liberties with a Cat Stevens song in presenting today's Featured Feathered Friend. (8299KB)


On show #98: Tour leader David Clapp tells of his trips to Tanzania and Peru, and offers some traveling tips. And Mike O'Connor offers some suggestions on choosing a spotting scope. (8177KB)


On show #97: Myoko Chu from Cornell Lab of Ornithology talks about the Great Backyard Bird Count, and we get feeding tips and Birding at Work stories from listeners in Charlotte and Chicago. (8315KB)


On show #96: Our Featured Feathered Friend gets some good news from his doctor, and a British parasailer fights a battle with 2 Eagles at 8,000 feet! (7611KB)


On show #95: Our man Mike has some great tips for keeping House Sparrows out of your birdhouses, and we report on the sale of a decoy--for nearly a million dollars! (8055KB)


On show #94: A listener from Boston tells a tale of some great urban waterfowl sightings, and we make a call to...1-800-BANK SWALLOW! (8271KB)


On show #93: Our Miss Phalarope waxes petic about today's "Featured Feathered Friend," and we hear about an amazing Bald Eagle rescue--by rifle shot! (8262KB)


On show #90: Our Mystery Bird almost stumps our callers; Mike offers tips on keeping cats from your feeders; and we learn some amazing facts about the Hooded Merganser. (8486KB)


On show #91: Mike talks about how and why to provide water for birds this winter, and in our Science Corner we get some good news about Whooping Cranes. (8343KB)


On show #92: The cliché about a bird in the hand comes to life as Vern tells about a Yellow Rail. And...why one city birds are turning to Hip Hop! (8235KB)


On show #88: A "secret" for cleaning your scope and binocular lenses; a bird dipped in rasberry sauce; and why your backyard birds may be smarter than the ones who've gone south. (8512KB)


On show #87: Master Birder Vern Laux joins us live from Cade Cod thicket, and Mass Audubon's John Galluzzo reports on his Yellow Rail finding...and photos! (7863KB)


On show #86: "Mister Meadowlark" is featured (both the bird and the vintage Bing Crosby song!); we offer some interesting website connections; and we report some good news about a bird known as the "Bonecrusher." (8202KB)


On show #84: Our Mystery Bird, the Thunder-Pumper, almost proves to be a stumper! Plus new research on the use of tools by crows... in our Science Corner. (8666KB)


On show #85: We hear a bird that sounds like a rusty gate, learn some amazing stuff about Barn Owls, and welcome listeners tuned in to our new affiliate station in Rhode Island. (8092KB)


On show #83: Mass. Audubon's John Galluzzo joins us live in studio, and we talk about raptors, finches, and shorebirds, and how to protect your feeder birds against cats. (8666KB)


On show #82: Manomet Scientist Trevor Lloyd-Evans opines on bird migration, population trends, and what he learned about bird flu from his recent trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (8303KB)


On show #81: Our Featured Feathered Friend segment takes uss to cattle country, a listener from Maryland tells about his "Moses parting the sea" moment, and we hear about some exciting research in our Science Corner. (8288KB)


On show #80: News about a new bird discovered in Columbia; a breakthrough in bird migration research; and some incredible Monarch Butterfly stats. And our resident professor Dr. Refus Towhee checks in with his Bird Word of the Day. (8326KB)


On show #79: Birding expert David Clapp gives advice about scopes and binoculars... and gets buzzed by a Sharp-shinned hawk in the middle of the conversation! (7867KB)


On show #78: An intriguing and credible report about possible Ivory-billed woodpecker sightings... in Florida! And, an "absurdly beautiful" bird is in our "Featured Feathered Friend" spotlight. (8291KB)


On show #77: Ray reports on a trip to a fog-shrouded mountaintop. Plus, we find out about a new bird species, and we get help from Bobby Vinton in our Featured Feathered Friend Segment! (8079KB)


On show #75: We hear a bird that seems to be asking a question, and Doctor Rufus Towhee "bristles" over a new "Bird Word of the Day". (7980KB)


On show #76: The legendary Foghorn Leghorn helps us with a "Featured Feathered Friend", and we talk with Scott Hecker--the man who saved the Piping Plover. (8080KB)


On show #74: Hawk Expert Shawn Carey; the amazing story of the hawk that mimics a Turkey Vulture; and the bird that's been described as a "meatloaf on a stick." (8283KB)


On show #73: In the Science Corner, we'll learn why it is that the fatter birds get, the farther they can fly! And what's a snowy-bodied, yellow-lored, black-legged, mustard foot!? (8258KB)


On show #72: Birding expert David Clapp has more on the Mysteries of Migration; and in the Science Corner, we hear that some birds may call their offspring by name! (8323KB)


On show #70: Why House Sparrows prefer certain kinds of! And a Mystery Bird that "used to be" a Warbler. (8405KB)


On show #71: Ray talks with former Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary Director David Clapp about migration season; and our resident "professor" Doctor Refus Towhee stumps Ray (as usual) with his Bird Word of the Day. (8152KB)


On show #69: Phil Kyle's Bird Mimicry, and birds that change the pitch of their calls because of...Automobile traffic! (8191KB)


On show #68: Ray tries to help stop Avian Window crashes, and gets stumped (again) by Dr. Rufus Towhee. (8439KB)


On show #67: Vern Laux shares observations about shorebirds, and John Galluzo reports from the footsteps of Thereau. (8411KB)


On show #66: When is a Marsh Hawk not a "Marsh Hawk"? And would you pay $750 for an 8-foot tall Flamingo? (8155KB)


On show #65: Ray reports today on his birding trip to Maine with the A.B.A. And did European Starlings really rip off a car wash!? (8145KB)


On show #64: A listener clues us in a bout a great nestcam site, while other listeners block their ears upon hearing today's Mystery Bird! (8034KB)


On show #63: A brief talk about Chat, some nest cam info, and an update on those famous Red-tails, Pale Male and Lola. (8087KB)


On show #62: Birding expert Pete Dunne offers an opinion on the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker controversy, and Dr. Rufus Rowhee stumps Ray--as usual-in our Bird Word of the Day segment. (8635KB)


On show #61: Male Red-winged Blackbirds attract females with their bright red shoulder patches...or do they? We find out in today's Science Corner. (8425KB)


On show #60: "Doctor" Rufus Towhee teaches us a new bird word, and Mike O'Connor provides some advice about serving suet in the summer. (8186KB)


On show #59: The beautiful Cedar Waxwing is our "Featured Feathered Friend", and we find out why some birds choose dull mates! (8568KB)


On show #58: A "creepy" little bird is our Featured Feathered Friend--and our resident expert "Doctor" Rufus Towhee returns from sabbatical with his "Bird Word of the Day". (8168KB)


On show #57: Mass. Audobon's John Gallluzzo talks with Ray about Birding-by-ear, and the Baltimore Oriole Project; and our "Featured Feathered Friend" focuses on the Bonaparte's Gull. (8556KB)


On show #56: Look! Up in the sky! It's a plane! It's...our Featured Feathered Friend--a bird that can reach nearly 200 miles per hour in a dive! Also today, a new Mystery Bird; and our man Mike answers a question about Cardinals and Catbirds. (8366KB)


On show #55: Ray talks with ornithologist Wayne Peterson about the Important Bird Areas Program; and we've got some tips on how to identify birds in the field. (8176KB)


On show #54: Three guests from the Cape Cod Bird Club talk about a big weekend coming in May; Ray waxes poetic in his "Memories of Cape Cod Winter Birding"; and some more tips about building birdhouses. (8489KB)


On show #52: How a wild turkey spoiled some TV viewing for a Michigan couple; a caller tells us about a great birding device he discovered--in a toy department (!); and listeners share some ideas for the start of our second year. (9137KB)


On show #53: Another possible challenge to the Ivory-billed Woodpecker discovery; ornithologist Wayne Petersen answers the question: What's so important about the Important Birds Areas program?; and some tips about building birdhouses. (8635KB)


On show #51: More controversy about the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker; Amazing news about what Hummingbirds can remember; and our Mystery Bird Contest links the East Coast with the West Coast. (8363KB)


On show #50: We talk about the creatures known locally as Timberdoodles and Pinkletinks; try to answer questions about chicken grit, and disappearing birds; and stump some callers in our Mystery Bird Contest! (8363KB)


On show #49: Special Guest Tim Gallagher, co-rediscoverer of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker; a tip about the importance of shelter for your backyard birds; and an amazing story of how a sharp-shinned hawk made his escape from a department store! (8175KB)


On show #48: Ray talks with Betty Petersen, director of the American Birding Association's Birders' Exchange Program, and hears some interesting stories from listeners! (8344KB)


On show #45: A review of Essential Seeds for your feeders; our famous Mystery Bird contest; and an episode of "Birds in the News." (8031KB)


On show #46: Some tips on Hand-feeding Wild Birds, and a report on some Snowy Owl sightings. (7694KB)


On show #47: This episode features a visit with birding superstar Vern Laux; info on something easy to plant that your birds will love; and "Doctor" Rufus Towhee will teach us the "Bird Word of the Day." (8175KB)


On show #42: Mass. Audubon's John Galluzo joins us with a live sighting of a Snowy Owl--and LOTS of other birds--from the shores of Cape Cod Bay; our weekly Mystery Bird Contest; and a tip about keeping your feeder birds healthy. (8230KB)


On show #44: A visit from our resident professor, "Doctor" Rufus Towhee, with our "Bird Word of the Day;" our weekly Mystery Bird Contest; and a tip for backyard birders: Winter Plantings for Birds. (8251KB)


On show #43: We hear a great story about growing up with Barn Owls; some amazing info about a mouse that howls like a wolf; a tip about building a winter home for birds; and an installment of our new feature, "Let's Ask Mike." (8652KB)


On show #89: An amazing hawk watch in Mexico, and some exciting live sightings from a local beach. (8512KB)


On show #30: Ray hears from Peter Yaukey of the University of New Orleans about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the bird populations in the Mississippi Delta; David Clapp from Mass. Audubon describes some bird migration sightings; our Tip of the Week about fighting back against squirrel attack; our Mystery Bird contest; and our resident expert, "Doctor" Rufus Towhee, has our "Bird Word of the Day." (15543KB)


On show #29: Ray talks with Mike Harvey from Cornell University about an amazing midnight "fallout" at the Cornell University football stadium; intrepid birder Vern Laux checks in from a wind-swept shoreline; our Tip of the Week about the importance of water for birds in the winter; our Mystery Bird contest; and some interesting information about feeding birds with wild foods gathered from your yard and garden. (15543KB)


On show #28: Ray welcomes field guide guru and birding legend Kenn Kaufman who explains how he's combined the best of both worlds (paintings and photographs) by using digitally-enhanced photos in his new field guide; our Tip of the Week on feeding birds; our resident professor, "Doctor" Rufus Towhee, gives us our Bird Word of the Day; our Mystery Bird contest; and some interesting contributions from listeners. (7802KB)


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