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Birdwatch Radio
Birdwatching may be one of the most common activities in America. Active pursuit of birds, keeping a record of what you see, feeding the birds, and bird photography all continue to grow in popularity as well. There is a vibrant birding industry, too. This includes retail stores selling bird seed and bird supplies, more new specialized optics for those who want to view, photograph, and document their sightings, a growing number of field guides and magazines, and more than a few travel and guide services for birders who want to make their vacations more than just a day at the beach or a snooze in the hammock. Steve Moore and Birdwatch Radio bring you interesting interviews and conversations with people who represent all the areas just mentioned. We'll be talking with authors, artists, columnists, bloggers, professionals and back-yard birders...all of whom have a story to tell and a passion to share.


Episode 20 - Four guests, no waiting ... on this edition of Birdwatch Radio!

This concludes our interviews from the 2009 Space Coast Birding Festival as we talk with one of the country's most well known birders and authors, Pete Dunne. Speaking of notables, we'll also chat a bit with preeminent bird photographer, Arthur Morris.

A mutual friend at the festival introduced me to Floyd Scholz, who is not only recognized as one the world's best bird carvers (specializing in raptors) but who is also a passionate birder and lover of the blues. How can you not like a guy like that?

And we conclude with Lydia Thompson, who tells us a bit about the beautiful Georgia coast and the great birding available there. As an adopted Georgian myself, I concur.

Steve (13697KB)


Episode 19 - On this edition of the program we go to the movies. I know, I know, on the last program I promised you more interviews from the Space Coast Birding Festival, but that will happen next time. Promise.

Instead, we're going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at a movie that's having its world premier this month (March 2009)! Ghost Bird is a documentary about the on-going search for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in and around Brinkley, Arkansas. Ghost Bird was written and produced by our guest, Scott Crocker, with music written and performed by cellist Zo Keating.

It's almost spring and it's said that hope springs eternal. But even if we don't get another glimpse of the Ivory-Bill, I think you will enjoy this film and conversation.

Remember, send your thoughts, sightings and suggestions to

Happy Birding! (8658KB)


Episode 18 - This time we head out to the Space Coast Birding Festival in Titusville, FL, for part one of our two-part coverage of this great event. Despite the weather, which was other than sunny and warm, I got in some great birding, and washed it down with some tasty seafood.

While there, I had a chance to chat with Ben Lizdas from Eagle Optics, Stephen Ingraham from Zeiss, Mary Guthrie from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and James Currie, host of the new Birding Adventures TV program.

We also open the mailbag and share some listener comments and suggestions. Yours are welcome, too! Send your thoughts, sightings and suggestions on how to rid my house of an uninvited home maintenance specialist to

Happy Birding! (10627KB)


Episode 17 - The Birdwatch America Backyard Nature Products Trade Show is our destination on this edition of the program. We'll stroll through the isles and talk with a number of vendors about some new and interesting products for back yard birders and field birders alike.

We'll talk about Bird ID, Bird feeding, and Bird Rehabilitation -- even what's involved in publishing a Birding magazine. Altogether, seven different guests step up to the mic including Amy Hooper, editor of Wild Bird magazine, and Denese VanDyne from birdJam.
As always, we love hearing from you! Send your thoughts, sightings and suggestions to (13494KB)


Episode 16 - Birding is for EVERYONE! But if thats the case, why are there so few minorities involved in bird watching? That question is examined by John C. Robinson in his new book and on todays program.

An aspect of Birding that is exploding is Blogging. And not just birding blogs, but nature blogs in general. Mike Bergin from the 10,000 Birds blog and the Nature Blog Network joins us along with the always vivacious and knowledgeable, Sharon Stiteler from

Its a little longer program than normal, but full of great information and a few laughs along the way.

Our underwriting friends on this podcast include The Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, FL and The Celebration of Whooping Cranes Festival in Aransas, TX. As always, thank you for listening and telling your friends about the program. And remember, we want to hear from you! Send your comments and suggestions to (16625KB)


Episode 15 - Tis' the Season.and so we get the inside scoop on Audubon's Christmas Bird Count from the guy who has been running this event since 1987, Geoff LeBaron.

Our second conversation is with erstwhile long-line fishing boat captain, restaurateur and the founder of the Space Coast Bird and Wildlife Festival, Laurilee Thompson. Her recipe for pelagic trip sea-sickness is not to be missed. Nor is the Space Coast Festival in Titusville, FL.

Finally, we present a seasonal musical interlude of ornithological interest Mike Bergin of 10,000 reviews 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.' And drat, now I'll have it stuck in my head all day!

Thanks for joining us for Birdwatch Radio. Please tell a friend about us and consider subscribing so you don't miss a program. Click the RSS link for information or subscribe through Itunes or similar. After all, some of you got an Ipod for Christmas, right? (13488KB)


Episode 14 - There were so many birds (and birders) at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival that we couldnt fit it all into one program, so here is part two!

In addition the festival itself, there is a thread that runs through this program young people. Youll hear from Barry Lyon about the summer camps for teens put on by Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours Jeff Bouton tells us about meeting his science teacher and his spark bird on the shores of Lake Ontario well talk with a young birder on our field trip to the Santa Ana NWR and Jessie Barry from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology explains how she got caught in the sixth grade reading something other than the approved curriculum.

Thoughts, suggestions or unused mistletoe can be forwarded to (12637KB)


Episode 13 - Road trip! We got undressed for security and had all of our recording gear scrutinized for this edition of the program as we traveled to the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival in Harlingen, TX.

Where to begin? A great time, great weather, great people and great birds! We have four interviews for you from the festival, and Ill also give you a run-down on what I added to my life list. (Never has writers cramp felt so good.)

In this edition David Shackelford from Rockjumper Birding Tours Jim Danzenbaker, Sales Manager with Kowa Optics Nick Papadopoulos with Burning Hawk Wines and one of the countrys premier bird photographers, Kevin Karlson. Listen, enjoy and please tell a friend. (13815KB)


Episode 12 - On this edition of the programCounting Crows! Nope, not the band, but an annual event that takes place in backyards all across the U.S. and Canada.

Ornithologist David Bonter from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology joins us to talk about the sixteenth year of Project Feederwatch and how you can help science right from the comfort of your living room. He also gives us some tips on feeders and birdseed.

In the second half, we chat with Homer Hansen about the upcoming Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival in Willcox, AZ. Sounds like great fun and we thank W.O.W for their support. (Please let them know you heard about them on Birdwatch Radio!) (15814KB)


Episode 11 - A movie about birding is about as common as... well that woodpecker we've all been hoping to spot for the last couple of years. Opposable Chums is about the competition, camaraderie and caffeine that are all part of the World Series of Birding.

Jason Kessler is a professional film maker in NYC and also a birdwatcher. He spent three seasons in Cape May, NJ shooting footage for this 65 minute film. It's great fun so pop some corn and join us at the movies!

We also chat briefly with Father Tom Pincelli about a world-class birding festival he's been part of since its inception, The Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival coming up in November in Harlingen, TX.

Thanks to our sponsors for making the program possible. Please show your support by visiting their sites and letting them know you heard about them on Birdwatch Radio! And thank you for listening, for subscribing and for recommending us to your friends. Hope to see out in the field! (10757KB)


Episode 10 - Several new field guides have been released this year including the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America. The author is Ted Floyd who is also the Editor of Birding, the flagship publication of the American Birding Association.

Ted and I discuss the purposes behind a new field guide, the unique aspects of this guide, the collaborative effort it took to produce this work and why it probably needs to be on your bookshelf.

We review a few listener e-mails (to and take a quick look at a couple of the country's oldest bird festivals Wings Over Willcox and the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. (You'll find show notes and links at

Thanks for listening, for subscribing and for recommending us to your friends. Hope to see out in the field! (11371KB)


Episode 9 - In 1978 Bill and Elsa Thompson left their jobs to start, of all things...a bird magazine. Today, Birdwatcher's Digest is the largest selling bird-watching magazine in the country and remains a family business. On this program we observe the 30th anniversary of BWD with editor Bill Thompson III. Plus, I tell you about the my latest life bird, a gorgeous bird to look at and even more breathtaking in the sky. As always, we thank our supporters at and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours for making this program possible. For more information about the history of Birdwatcher's Digest and the many additional products and resources they offer, check 'em out at (11890KB)


Episode 8 - On this edition of the program we celebrate the centennial month of Roger Tory Peterson's birthday. Peterson was born on August 28, 1908 --one hundred years ago. Peterson was a skilled and passionate artist, writer and conservationist. But it was his field guides and the Peterson System of identification that garnered world-wide acclaim and recognition.

Birdwatcher, The Life of Roger Tory Peterson is the second biography on Roger to come out in 2008. Its author, Elizabeth J. Rosenthal, is our first guest on this installment of BWR. The book is published by The Lyons Press.

Our second guest is an old friend of RTP, Victor Emanuel. You'll hear Victor's reflections on their meeting, their friendship and what made Roger special. Victor is the founder of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours and I'm proud to say VENT is one of our sponsors. (15816KB)


Episode 7 - There's no doubt that the internet has changed birding like no technology since the development of the modern binocular. On those days when getting outdoors isn't possible, or when you have a little extra time on your lunch hour, there are hundreds (thousands?) of websites and blogs all devoted to watching, enjoying and studying wild birds.

One of my favorite bird blogs is Born Again Bird Watcher. John Riutta produces this delightful and informative blog and I think you'll enjoy hearing about John, his blog and why he feels born again.

Thanks always to those folks who make this podcast possible (be sure to enter the code BWR2008 at checkout to get the 10% discount offered to our listeners) and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours ( Victor Emanuel will be a guest on our next program, so listen for that.

Remember, if you enjoy the show, please tell someone. If you find an Ivory-billed Woodpecker, please tell me. (11844KB)


Episode 6 - After a few weeks off due to some personal and family related stuff, it's good to be back. In this program Steve talks with author Mike O'Connor about his book, 'Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Headaches.' Mike also runs one of the oldest bird supply stores in the country (Birdwatcher's General Store) and he turned out to be a fun guy to chat with.

We also welcome two new partners to the program and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours! (11714KB)


Episode 5 - This is the second part of Steve's conversation with author Douglas Carlson about his book, Roger Tory Peterson-A Biography.

They discuss Peterson's near-death experiences, his column in Bird Watchers Digest, his obsession with photography and his legacy at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

And, there's also a recording from Steve's back deck and a recommendation of some favorite websites. Our thanks, once again, to Houghton-Mifflin, publishers of Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide Series, for helping to make these programs possible. (7316KB)


Episode 4 - In this edition, I have a chance to sit down with Douglas Carlson to discuss his new biography of Roger Tory Peterson. There was no more important person to birding and the natural world than Peterson, whose field guide series, writing, painting and passion for birds is unparalleled. Douglas Carlson does wonderful job of exploring Peterson's life, his passion and his legacy.

Also in this podcast, Turkey and Black Vultures have a my house. (10901KB)


Episode 3 Steve couldn't break away from the Space Coast Birding Conference. This is the second of two shows featuring interviews from the conference. Guests include Cameron Cox from Nikon artist and naturalist Louise Zemaitis Rich Downing from the American Birding Association and Jay Davis, the designer of Bird Jam. Steve also discusses important work ahead for those who are concerned about the proposed NASA launch pad in the Merritt Island NWR, and takes us back in time -- ever so briefly -- to 1969. (6883KB)


Episode 2 Steve heads to the Space Coast Birding Conference. This is the first of two shows featuring interviews from the conference. Guests include Steven Ingraham, James Wood, and Lorilee Thompson. Steve also ties in sightings from the South, a little music trivia, and somehow ties all that in to Valentines Day. (9925KB)


Episode 1: Steve reviews the Birdwatch America nature products trade show in Atlanta, speaking with the guys from Leica, Swarovski and Vortex. He also meets with the President of Droll Yankees, a representative from Wingscapes Birdcam and chats with a lady with a boothful of raptors. (10534KB)


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