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RSPB Bird Notes
A Magazine devoted to Birds and the Environment for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for birds, for people, forever - Britain's largest environemental charity.


News on the RSPB Podcast front - they now have a regular monthly magazine podcast presented by Jane Markham. It's called Nature's Voice and you can hear a taster of the early episodes of the series here. (116KB)


A mini podcast episode this times with details of an exciting new series from the RSPB - the Big Garden Birdwatch podcast with BBC wildlife presenter Kate Humble. (840KB)


Spring arrives in the UK and the birds get busy - but what does the discovery of a dead swan with the H5N1 strain of avian flu at the beginning of April mean for the rest of the season. Jane Markham talks to the RSPB's Andre Farrar to get the facts. (14446KB)


Bird Flu. Jane Markham talks to the RSPB's Head of Species Conservation, Julian Hughes about the implications for Britain's wild birds. (17183KB)


Jane Markham visits Otmoor in Oxfordshire with RSPB volunteers pond-dipping and reed planting with local children. Will the Bittern - one of Britain s rarest birds be seen on the moor once again? (16245KB)


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