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NPR: Environment
Environmental science and reporting on issues from Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other award-winning NPR programs.
Updates: Thursdays at 11:45pm ET
Duration: approx 30 minutes


Stories: 1) Berry Bad: Threat To Trees Lurks On Holiday Tables 2) Fungus Provides Clues To North American Extinctions 3) Financial Crisis Is 'Green' For The Environment 4) Obscured By War, Water Crisis Looms In Yemen 5) Scientist: 'Don't Give Up' On Stopping Asian Carp 6) In Oregon, Boat Owner Worries Over Climate Change (9782KB)


Stories: 1) The Dirt On Dust 2) Lower Tuna Limit Still Too High, Researchers Say 3) Environment Or Economy? Obama's Balancing Act 4) Reef Conservation Strategy Backfires 5) Higher Temperatures May Be Behind Pine Growth (9654KB)


Stories: 1) Gore Urges Obama To Take Lead On Climate Change 2) Researchers Get Dirty To Clean Up Chesapeake 3) New Ocean May Be Forming In The Desert 4) Climate Rift Grows Between U.S., Poor Nations 5) EPA Drafts Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Strategy (11115KB)


Stories: 1) Why Leaves Really Fall Off Trees 2) NASA Launches Mission To Track Polar Ice By Plane 3) For Foer, Meat Is Murder ... And Worse 4) Lions In Famed Killings Get Partial Reprieve 5) Health Issues Follow Natural Gas Drilling In Texas 6) The Perils Of Overfishing, Part 2 (16899KB)


Stories: 1) Bioengineered Plants Gone Wild 2) Scientists: Biofuel Laws May Harm Environment 3) Using Trees To Curb Climate Change Not So Simple 4) For NFL, L.A. Considers Trading Environment For Jobs 5) Demonstrating What 350 Means To Climate Change 6) U.S. Envoy: No Bilateral Climate Deal With China (12835KB)


Stories: 1) 1800s-Era Sea Logs Chart Course Of Climate Change 2) Future Unlikely For Kyoto Climate Treaty 3) Endangered Sea Turtles Return To Mexico's Beaches 4) Chamber Of Commerce In Climate Change Hoax 5) A Bird In Hand To Save Those In The Bush 6) Innovative 'Times' Reporter Draws Limbaugh's Ire (13758KB)


Stories: 1) Guns, Climate Change Face New National Park Director 2) Kenya's Biofuel Plan Hits Snags 3) Aussie Frogs Try New Pickup Line 4) Do Offsets Really Help Reduce Emissions? 5) Schools Go For Gold At Solar Decathlon 6) In Ariz., Luring Suburbanites To Greener, Urban Life (11588KB)


Stories: 1) Saving Bats From Wind-Farm Deaths 2) Companies Quit U.S. Chamber Over Climate Policy 3) Cooking Up A River In The Lab 4) Every Plant Has Meaning On 'Island Of Bar Codes' 5) Farmers: What Do You Think Of Pollan's Ideas? (28584KB)


Stories: 1) Lack Of Carbon Policy Prevents Emissions Innovation 2) Saving Turtles From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks 3) EPA Moves To Regulate New Smokestack Controls 4) Stimulus Funds Help To Revive Florida's Coral Reefs 5) Grunts And Gurgles Signal Love For Grouse 6) Senate Unveils Plan To Reduce Emissions (10659KB)


Stories: 1) Tiny Parks Sprout In Parking Spots 2) Obama: Action On Climate Change Needed 3) Who's Looking At Natural Gas Now? Big Oil 4) Mayor's Dilemma: Can Houston Grow And Be Green? 5) Clock Is Ticking On Copenhagen Climate Treaty 6) Billion-Dollar Floodgates Might Not Save Venice (14821KB)


Stories: 1) Battle Over Offshore Drilling In Arctic Dwarfs ANWR 2) Environmentalists Adopt New Weapon: Seed Balls 3) Montana Asbestos Trial Targets W.R. Grace 4) Calif. Commission Proposes TV Energy Standards 5) Bottled Water Sales Flatten During Recession 6) Trees May Dry Up With Global Warming (10639KB)


Stories: 1) Beijing Neighbors Unite Against Incinerator Plans 2) Dallas School Bus Runs On Vegetable Oil 3) Hidden Ingredient In New, Greener Battery: A Virus 4) Finding The North Pole On Thin Ice 5) Forget 'Blue Velvet,' Rossellini Tries 'Green Porno' 6) Calif. Desert Becomes Home For Renewable Energy (11703KB)


Stories: 1) New EPA Review Prompts Anxiety Over Mining Jobs 2) To Catch A Burmese Python: A Fine Art In Florida 3) Mating Rituals: Hammerhead Bats Honk To Woo 4) Economy Forces Fla. To Rethink Everglades Deal 5) Bid To Reverse Bush-Era Environmental Policies 6) EPA Unveils New Ports Emissions Plan (11214KB)


Stories: 1) Herring School For Safer Sex 2) Hotel Promotes Safe Sex For Frogs 3) India's Tata Motors To Launch Nano Car 4) Tesla's Electric Sedan Less Than $50K After Rebate (4665KB)


Stories: 1) Report Warns Many Bird Species Declining In U.S. 2) Antarctic Ice May Melt, But Not For Millennia 3) In The Arctic, A Time-Lapse View Of Climate Change 4) Power Lines Upset Cows' Compass 5) National Park Sees A Stampede For Free Elk Meat (28022KB)


Stories: 1) Companies Believe In Oil Shale's Future 2) Smoggy Skies May Cause Respiratory Death 3) Making 'Living With Lions' Practical In Kenya 4) Obama Cuts Funds To Nuclear Waste Repository 5) Vilsack Proposes Changes To Farming 6) Some Worry Colorado's Gas Boom Could Go Bust (13759KB)


Stories: 1) A Drying Amazon Could Speed Climate Change 2) Flying Dutchman Is Climate Treaty Cheerleader 3) Spending Plan Tackles Tax Cuts, Global Warming 4) Huge Solar Facility Planned For California Desert 5) In Fla., Scientists Use Magnets To Disorient Crocs (13393KB)


Stories: 1) Cargo Hauling At Calif. Ports Will Go Greener 2) Truth Squad: Evaluating Obama's Speech 3) Gathering Puts Energy Into Improving Power Grid 4) Mining Company Accused Of Endangering Workers 5) Weathering The Times: Stimulus Boosts Green Jobs 6) NASA Satellite To Track Carbon Dioxide Globally (13902KB)


Stories: 1) Tracking Device Reveals Songbirds' Travels 2) Laughing's No Joke For Spotted Hyenas 3) Does Stimulus Package Keep Green Goals In Sight? (5029KB)


Stories: 1) What Kind Of Green Jobs Will Stimulus Spawn? 2) Coffee, Tea Or Carbon Credits? (3017KB)


Stories: 1) Bush-Era Drilling Lease Sales Voided In Utah 2) Innovation Seen As Key To Curbing Climate Change 3) Controls, Cash Aid In Slashing Greenhouse Gases 4) E-Waste Law: Manufacturers Pay For Recycling (6959KB)


Stories: 1) Gore Urges Senate To Avoid Kyoto-Type Failure 2) Investor: Renewable Energy Needs Federal Funding 3) Gore On Hill To Discuss Climate Change 4) Nature Conservancy Fights Planned Border Fence 5) Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says 6) Gore Testifies On Climate Change On Capitol Hill (10052KB)


Stories: 1) Mark Bittman: Eating Right Can Save The Planet 2) Study Busts Antarctica's Chill On Global Warming 3) Mystery Ailment Killing Endangered Pelicans 4) Bush Administration Altered Appalachian Landscape 5) Colorado Has Tips On New Renewable Requirements (11104KB)


Stories: 1) Obama's EPA Pick Would Address Coal Ash Issue 2) Afghans Feel Ill Effects of Rising Air Pollution 3) Group Removes Net Off Santa Catalina Island 4) Can Fisker Save American Cars? 5) Chinese Electric Car Jolts The Competition 6) Energy Secretary Pick Faces Confirmation Hearing (12437KB)


Stories: 1) Senate Holds Hearing On Tenn. Coal Ash Spill 2) Fisheries Rebounding, But Ports Pay A Price 3) Can 'Green Jobs' Stimulate The Economy? 4) Community Concerned Over Spill's Long-Term Effect 5) Bush Declares Marine Preserves In Pacific 6) Fishermen Make Mad Dash For Dungeness Crab (14341KB)


Stories: 1) Tennessee Spill: The Exxon Valdez Of Coal Ash? 2) Stunted Coral Highlights Troubling Ocean Trends 3) Driver Wants NASCAR To Go Green 4) Wind Farms Could Bring Wyoming Ranchers Windfall 5) Water Safe, Cleanup Under Way In Tenn. Dike Burst 6) Crews Toil To Clean Up Tennessee Coal Ash Spill (12460KB)


Stories: 1) Recycling Industry Slows As Consumers Shop Less 2) Obama's Science Team: A Change Of Climate? (4272KB)


Stories: 1) Renewable Energy Doing Well In Spain, Portugal 2) Boston Co. Gets A Charge Out Of Laptop Batteries 3) Michael Pollan On Vilsack, Agriculture And Food 4) Going Green: A Hard Sell For Consumers? 5) 'Peak Oil Theory' Demands Energy Alternatives 6) President-Elect Obama Picks Green Team (11866KB)


Stories: 1) Bush Issues Last-Minute Rules On Environment 2) A Bird With A Catlike Name — And Sound 3) Bush May Scale Back Plans For Marine Reserve 4) Security Adviser Pick Stresses Oil Independence 5) As Kenyan Forest Disappears, So Does Water 6) Mining-Rule Change Creates Tremors In W.Va. (12477KB)


Stories: 1) Gore Group, Industry Butt Heads Over 'Clean Coal' 2) Rule Change Makes It Easier To Dump Mining Waste 3) Own Electric Car, But No Garage? Firm Has Answer 4) Hunting Buffalo In Alaska 5) High Court Case Tests Power Plants' Water Rules 6) European Union Deal Cuts Car Emissions In 6 Years (14347KB)


Stories: 1) Turkey Dinner's Carbon Footprint 2) Turtle Fossil Yields Clues To Its Evolution 3) Bad Economy Threatens Obama's Climate Fix 4) Mussels Lose Out As Carbon Dioxide Changes Ocean 5) Author Pieces Together Natural Mosaic 6) Electric Car Battery Must Keep Going And Going (11254KB)


Stories: 1) Electric Car Carries Clean-Energy Investors' Hopes 2) Video Games Suck Up Energy Like Vampires 3) Governors Tackle Climate Change 4) Thousands Flee As Wildfires Ravage Southern Calif. 5) Los Angeles Fire Official Describes Scene 6) Wildfires Sweep L.A. Suburbs (11157KB)


Stories: 1) High Court Sides With Navy In Sonar Dispute 2) Going Out On A Limb With A Tree-Person Ratio 3) Certain Green Industries Have Job Openings 4) Plants: The Fuel Of The Future? (8688KB)


Stories: 1) Duke Energy Sees Rooftops As Future Power Plants 2) Scientist Discovers Fungus That Could Fuel A Car (5702KB)


Stories: 1) Climate Changing Walden Pond's Flowers 2) Calif. Rule Casts Shade On Solar Panels (4196KB)


Stories: 1) Debating 'Drill, Baby, Drill' At Site Of '69 Spill 2) The Long Trek Of The Bar-Tailed Godwit 3) Economic Crisis Dims Alternative Energy Plans 4) In Hard Times, Michigan School Running On Empties (7366KB)


Stories: 1) Energy-Saving Windows A Legacy Of '70s Oil Crisis 2) Videos Released Of Deepest Fish Ever Filmed (5713KB)


Stories: 1) In Yosemite, Scientists Find Species Movin' On Up 2) Bees Follow Their Leaders (3950KB)


Stories: 1) Sun An Important Source Of Vitamin D 2) Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Fading In Germany 3) Sandbag House Wins Humanitarian Award (5008KB)


Stories: 1) Polluters Required To Pay For Greenhouse Gases 2) Western States Unite For Climate Initiative 3) What Goes Into Naming A New Species? A Lot (6464KB)


Stories: 1) CEO: Google Searching For Energy Solutions 2) Hurricane Ike Devastates Coastal Texas 3) Surveying The Hurricane's Aftermath (4917KB)


Stories: 1) City Dweller Laments Loss Of Urban Trees 2) Snapping Salmon: A Biologist's Underwater Passion 3) 'Clean Truck' Plan To Proceed In California 4) Efforts To Rebuild, Protect Louisiana Wetlands Stall 5) Energy A Priority As Congress Returns From Break 6) African Dust Linked To Hurricane Strength (14784KB)


Stories: 1) Wild-Oyster Reefs In Trouble 2) Study: As Oceans Warm, Cyclones Gain Strength 3) Gustav Hits Vulnerable Coastal Area 4) Melting Arctic Ice Imperils Polar Bears 5) Flies In Danger Escape With Safety Dance (9515KB)


Stories: 1) Seattle's Bag-User Fee Spurs Backlash 2) Extreme Heat A Threat To World's Poor 3) 'Dead Zones' Multiplying In World's Oceans (98KB)


Stories: 1) EPA Rejects Texas' Call To Cut Ethanol Mandate 2) Fla. Calls For 20 Percent Renewable Energy By 2020 (98KB)


Stories: 1) Along Gulf Coast, Talk Of Restoring Wetlands 2) Can Humans Control The Clouds? 3) Urban Gas Drilling Causes Backlash In Boomtown 4) 'Mother Lode' Of Gorillas Found In Congo Forests 5) Beijing Air Update 6) Honduras Promises To Invest In Its Farmers (98KB)


Stories: 1) Tycoon Pickens Backs Town Halls To Spur Wind 2) Maryland Residents Asked To Cut Energy Use 3) Japan's 'Green' Efforts Generate Skepticism 4) Vermont's Unique Approach To Curbing Energy Use 5) Democrats Call For Probe Of EPA Chief's Testimony 6) Sounds From The Wild: Storm Petrels Fill The Air (13451KB)


Stories: 1) Fuel Oil Spill Halts Some Traffic On Mississippi River 2) Texas' Bid For Ethanol Waiver Spurs Debate 3) Eco-Friendly Books Explore The Literary Green 4) Postal Service Takes Lead In Going Green 5) GM Works With Utilities On Plug-Ins 6) Connecting With Wrens (With Help From An IPod) (10634KB)


Stories: 1) EU Faces Off With Fishers Over Bluefin Tuna 2) Green Speed Dating: Finding Carbon-Neutral Love 3) Gulf Coast States Mull Over Oil Drilling Ban 4) Energy Proposals Top Capitol Hill Agenda 5) Study: Global Coral Crisis Is In Full Bloom (10846KB)


Stories: 1) Using Online Social Sites To Boost Carpooling 2) G-8 Nations Clash On How Much To Cut Emissions 3) Solar Firms Eye Bright Future In U.S. 4) G-8 Pledges To Halve Emissions By 2050 5) States Approve Compact To Protect Great Lakes 6) In India, Cheap Car Will Challenge Two-Wheelers (13148KB)


Stories: 1) Glacier Bay Park's Gravity Shifts As Ice Melts 2) Environmental Educator Eyes Yosemite Roadkill 3) Dems Eye Green Convention 4) Calif. Fights Extreme Heat (8961KB)


Stories: 1) Linking Climate Change, National Security 2) Supreme Court Cuts Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Damages 3) Can the Everglades Be Saved? 4) Biggest U.S. Sugar Cane Grower to Close 5) U.S. Report Links Climate Change to Security 6) Land Deal Would Help Restore Everglades (12009KB)


Stories: 1) Car Gas Mileage May Not Be All It Seems 2) Class Tests Carbon Trading, With Troubling Results 3) McCain Energy Policy Targets Offshore Drilling 4) As Beaches Creep In, Ownership Disputes Erupt 5) Recycling Plan Catches On in Tijuana 6) A Not-So-Sweet Lesson from Brazil's Cocoa Farms (13794KB)


Stories: 1) Water-Thirsty Golf Courses Need to Go Green 2) 'Hypermilers': Squeezing Out Every Mile Per Gallon 3) Trump Plans Golf Resort in Scotland; Reaction Mixed 4) Drought Hits California's Already Tight Water Supply 5) Vieques' Growth Threatens Bioluminescent Bay 6) Climate Bill, Caught Up in Bickering, Dies in Senate (9402KB)


Stories: 1) Government Moves on Yucca Nuclear Waste Site 2) U.N. World Food Crisis Talks Open 3) Senate to Vote on Carbon Cap-and-Trade Bill 4) Carbon Bill's Hurdles: Price Tag, Stiff Opposition 5) Water, Food Shortages Squeeze Yemen 6) NASA Downplayed Climate Studies, Monitor Says (12897KB)


Stories: 1) FEMA Trailer Supplier Reacts to Health Threat 2) 'Green' Genetic Plant Claims Draw Skeptics 3) Glow of Uranium Boom Attracts U.S. Miners 4) Battle for Resources Grows as Lake Victoria Shrinks 5) Portugal Plots Comeback for Natural Cork 6) Invasive Snails Take a Toll on Native Ducks (13693KB)


Stories: 1) In Land Conservation, 'Forever' May Not Last 2) Grace Settles $250 Million Asbestos Suit in Montana 3) Biofuel Rush Makes Drought a Bigger Economic Risk 4) Studies: Climate Change Threatens U.S. Roadways 5) Grace to Pay $250 Million for Asbestos Cleanup 6) Beijing Air Quality to Challenge Olympic Athletes (98KB)


Stories: 1) Outlook for Oceans Bleak as Sea 'Deserts' Grow 2) China Tries to Clean Up Air 3) Motives of Grand Canyon Flush Questioned 4) Grand Canyon Flush Aims to Revive Colorado River 5) Klamath River Dams' Removal Hinges on Owner 6) Getting the Dirt on Dust in the West (98KB)


Stories: 1) House Votes to Tax Big Oil, Fund Renewable Energy 2) Lessons from America's Tropical Epidemic 3) Hair Samples Used to Trace Movement 4) Life's Building Blocks May Have Been Ice Cubes 5) Watching Peru's Oceans for Cholera Cues 6) New Roads in the Amazon May Deliver Disease (98KB)


Stories: 1) Safety Concerns Don't Slow China's Coal Boom 2) Mine Wastewater Threatens Historic Colo. Town 3) Jackrabbit Mystery in Yellowstone Park 4) Study Finds Emerging Diseases on Rise 5) Investors Demand Info on Carbon Footprints 6) Haagan Dazs Gives $250K for Bee Research (98KB)


Stories: 1) Scientists Map Ocean Damage 2) Genetically Engineering the Sweet Stuff 3) Investors Chip In to Make Buildings Green 4) Scientist Says Worm Has Evolved to Eat Killer Crop 5) Alaska: Polar Bear Isn't Endangered 6) With Climate Swing, a Culture Bloomed in Americas (98KB)


Stories: 1) Study: Ethanol Worse for Climate Than Gasoline 2) Conservation, Oil Exploration Debate Renewed 3) British Bishops Launch Carbon Fast 4) Alabama Community in Shock After Tornadoes 5) Rural Tennessee Assesses Tornado Damage 6) Clorox Enters Booming Market for 'Green' Cleaners (98KB)


Stories: 1) Space Is Filling Up with Junk 2) Beijing Races to Clear Its Skies Before the Olympics 3) Cruising Antarctica to See a Planet in Peril 4) Dutch Architects Plan for a Floating Future 5) World's Coral Reefs Face Renewed Threats 6) Maldives Builds Barriers to Global Warming (98KB)


Stories: 1) In a Strategic Reversal, Dutch Embrace Floods 2) Vistas, Science and Staying Warm at the South Pole 3) Exxon's Alaska Oil Spill Case Heads to High Court 4) Trees Lost to Katrina May Present Climate Challenge 5) Climate Change Fuels Debate over Hurricane Threat 6) Insurers Try to Calculate Risks of Climate Change (98KB)


Stories: 1) Climate Change Tests L.A.'s Conservation Success 2) Mix of Factors Led to Record Arctic Ice Melt in 2007 3) Activists Board Japanese Whaling Boat 4) California's Marine Protection Law Sets High Bar 5) California Turns to Holland for Flood Expertise 6) Brockovich Town Offers Fodder for New Movie (98KB)


Stories: 1) In Battle of Elephants and Ants, Trees Win Big 2) Environmentalists Teach Dos and Don'ts of E-Waste 3) Harvesting Rainwater by Not Letting It Go to Waste 4) Study Boosts Switchgrass as New Alternative Fuel 5) The Complicated Politics of Myanmar Tigers 6) Are Polar Bears Better Off 'Endangered'? (12692KB)


Stories: 1) Carbon Offsets: Government Warns of Fraud Risk 2) Indiana Conservancy Inherits Toxic Waste Dump 3) Concerns Rise with Water of Three Gorges Dam 4) Hawaii Couple Reestablishes Ancient Plant Species 5) In a Forest's Breath, Deciphering Climate Clues 6) Bureaucracy Floats Through the Everglades (16447KB)


Stories: 1) Kansas Town's Green Dreams Could Save Its Future 2) Global Warming Jeopardizes Norway's Fish Farms 3) Photos Document Coral Forest Annihilation 4) What Happens to Recalled Toys? 5) Calif. Faces Water Limits over Threatened Smelt 6) NFL Plans to Offset Super Bowl's Carbon Footprint (14100KB)


Stories: 1) China's 'Sun King' Aims to Lead Shift to Solar Power 2) Vermont Governor: EPA Emissions Ruling Misguided 3) Tax Hike to Help Environment a Hard Sell 4) EPA Refuses California's Stricter Limits on Emissions 5) Energy Law Targets Fuel Economy, Alternatives 6) California Farmers to Get One-Third Less Water (12469KB)


Stories: 1) Gore Condemns U.S. Stance at Climate Talks 2) Sea Lice-Infested Fish Farms Threaten Wild Salmon 3) China Softens Stance on Emissions at Bali Meeting 4) Green Exchange to Trade Carbon Credits 5) San Francisco Ties Building Codes to Climate Change 6) Climate Talks Urge Quick Cut to Global Warming (10047KB)


Stories: 1) Part of U.S.-Mexico Border Fence on Wildlife Refuge 2) Fuel Economy Bill Has Bipartisan Support 3) Senate Panel Adopts Plan to Cut Emissions 4) Senate Committee Mulls Cap-and-Trade System 5) Where Do the Recyclables Really Go? 6) In Iceland, Unintended Witnesses to Climate Change (13061KB)


Stories: 1) Nations to Reunite for Kyoto Progress Report 2) Will U.S. Accept a New Kyoto Agreement? 3) Indonesia Embarks on Tree-Planting Campaign 4) Java Juice Available for Organic Joe Lovers 5) Winds of Change Blow into Roscoe, Texas 6) In Texas, Climate Creeping onto Agenda (13887KB)


Stories: 1) Dark Waters Stem from Organic Carbons 2) Los Angeles' Tree Initiative Progresses 3) How to Have a More Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving 4) How Chocolate Can Save the Planet 5) Russian Scientists Fear Warming May Bring Disease 6) Activists Aim to Block Japan's 'Scientific' Whale Hunt (14112KB)


Stories: 1) In Drought-Stricken Georgia, a Prayer for Rain 2) In Drought, Upscale Homeowners Dig for Water 3) Drought May Boost Price of Christmas Trees 4) San Francisco Feels Effects of Last Week's Oil Spill 5) New Hampshire Man Fights for Clothesline Rights 6) Oil Spill in Black Sea Called Ecological Disaster (8341KB)


Stories: 1) Lawmakers Create a Stink over Farm Pollution 2) Sarkozy Signals Friendlier Era in French-U.S. Ties 3) 'Bear Whisperer' Keeps Black Bears in the Woods 4) To Slow Amazon Fires, Scientists Light Their Own 5) Amazon Fire Wars Exacerbate Global Warming 6) Georgia Plant Is First for Making Ethanol from Waste (13184KB)


Stories: 1) Senate OKs Bill to Cut Greenhouse Gases 2) Toyota's Car of the Future Had Distinctive Beginning 3) Food & Climate: A Complicated but Optimistic View 4) In New England, Concern Grows for Sugar Maple 5) Poor Air Quality May Linger Long after Fire's Out 6) Scientists Examine Climate Change in Bible Tales (15300KB)


Stories: 1) California Firefighters Get Break from Easing Winds 2) NASA Aids Fight Against California Wildfires 3) Malibu Man Refuses California Wildfire Evacuation 4) In Lull, 'Hot Shot' Crews Target Smaller Fires 5) Fabled Santa Ana Winds Fuel Wildfires in California 6) Winds, Heat Stoke California Wildfires (10082KB)


Stories: 1) Study Ties Fishermen to Turtle 'Death Zone' off Baja 2) Lake Superior in the Midst of a Drought 3) Lawmakers to Halt Illegally Harvested Timber 4) In the Philippines, Religion and Nature Collide 5) Scientists Wary of Iron as Proposed Climate Fix 6) Southeast U.S. Wracked by Severe Drought (12839KB)


Stories: 1) What's Greener, Flying or Driving? 2) Judge Halts Construction of Border Fence 3) California Seeks School Sites Far from Freeway 4) Public Works Endanger Japan's Environment 5) Pregnant Moose Get Cozy with Humans 6) Waterproof Rice May Help Asia Cope with Flooding (13697KB)


Stories: 1) Montana Town Awaits Asbestos Trial 2) Japan Trades in Suits, Cuts Carbon Emissions 3) In Japan, Going Solar Costly Despite Market Surge 4) Remote Waters Offer No Refuge from Plastic Trash 5) Japan Battles Jellyfish Invasion 6) 'Marketplace' Report: Regulating Ship Pollution (17894KB)


Stories: 1) Bush Climate-Change Conference Has Doubters 2) The Demise of the Passenger Pigeon 3) California Poisons Lake, Targeting Invasive Pike 4) Explorers Find Thin Ice at the North Pole 5) Sometimes, There's Life After Extinction 6) Chilling News on North Pole Sea Ice (14638KB)


Stories: 1) Entrepreneur Hopes to Charge Electric-Car Market 2) 'Down-to-Earth Guide' Offers Green Projects 3) Everglades Removal from Endangered List Questioned 4) Indian Tribe Denounces Whale Killing (8976KB)


Stories: 1) 'Red List' Sheds Light on Species Extinction Crisis 2) Why Are So Many Quakes Jarring Indonesia? 3) Judge Backs Vermont's Auto-Emissions Rules 4) Natural Resources Key to Alaska Town's Future 5) Scientist Measures an Overlooked Greenhouse Gas 6) Questioning Global-Warming Focus in 'Cool It' (16104KB)


Stories: 1) Middle East Virus Likely Cause of Honeybee Collapse 2) Climate Change: Changing the Margins 3) Drought Dries Up Wells in Rock Springs, S.C. 4) Arctic Businesses Learn to Adapt to Climate Change 5) Two Hurricanes Strike Same Day for First Time 6) Blazes in Greece a Wake-Up Call for Climate Change (13895KB)


Stories: 1) Spain Battles Devastating Vole Infestation 2) Storm's Aftermath Spurs 'Green' Movement 3) Cheesemakers Taste a Change in the Weather 4) Cacti Thrive in the Gap Between Summer and Fall 5) Brazil River Dispute Highlights Larger Issue 6) River's Bounty Bypasses Families, Feeds Business (18164KB)


Stories: 1) BP Backtracks After Criticism over Lake Pollution 2) South Florida's Wetlands Serve Many Purposes 3) Heat Spells Trouble for France's Nuclear Reactors 4) 'Marketplace Report': The Cost of Coal 5) Parched Spanish Coast Taps Sea Water for Growth 6) Purple Martins Make a Comeback in Chicago (11435KB)


Stories: 1) Railways' Toxic Emissions Tied to Higher Cancer Risk 2) Engineers in New Orleans Test Levees 3) Critics Assail Uganda Hydropower Project 4) Floods Devastate North Korean Crops 5) Concerns Linger for 2020 Nuclear Dump Opening 6) Lethal Heat Waves Threaten Urban Residents (14985KB)


Stories: 1) Athletes Struggle for Air Amid China's Pollution 2) Pollution May Cancel Out China's Economic Growth 3) Purple Snail May Be Climate Change Casualty 4) Can Low-Flow Toilets Gain Consumer Confidence? 5) Yangtze River Dolphin May Be Extinct 6) Drought Complicates Water Works in Montana (11664KB)


Stories: 1) Cities Take On Kyoto Challenge to Cut Emissions 2) Administration Backs Making Liquid Fuel from Coal 3) Efforts to Restore Carolinas' Oysters Hit Snag 4) Russia Jockeys for Possession of Arctic Territory 5) Human History Shows a Gift for Adaptability 6) Is Ancient People's End a Warning for the Future? (15171KB)


Stories: 1) Farm Bill: Beauty for Biz, Beast for Environment? 2) Soccer Players Eye California's Kangaroo Ban 3) Protest Raised over New Tests of Naval Sonar 4) Ice Blocks Help New York Office Cut Energy Bill 5) Gas Flaring Disrupts Life in Oil-Producing Niger Delta 6) Westinghouse to Build Nuclear Reactors in China (12675KB)


Stories: 1) Evidence of Ancient Lake Found in Darfur 2) Nuclear Plant Safety at Issue After Japan Quake 3) Solar Compactors Make Mincemeat of Trash 4) Spotlight Falls on Energy in Farm Bill Revision 5) In Rural Poverty Fight, Showing Up Is a First Step 6) Importing Sand, Glass May Help Restore Beaches (13316KB)


Stories: 1) Tracking a Vanished Civilization in the Southwest 2) Dandelions, Poison Ivy Grow With Global Warming 3) Vegas' Green 'Flash' Could Cost Nevada Millions 4) Ancient Culture Prompts Worry for Arid Southwest 5) Unlikely Allies Battle Deforestation in the Amazon 6) A Family Vacations Amidst Changing Landscape (16423KB)


Stories: 1) Fallout from Bad '70s Idea: Auto Tires in Ocean Reef 2) 'Marketplace' Report: Beijing Emissions 3) Poaching in Far Eastern Russia Threatens Ecosystem 4) West African Climate Change Bests Nomads 5) Niger's Trees May Be Insurance Against Drought 6) 'Cool Globes': Art Promotes Action Against Warming (16720KB)


Stories: 1) Condors Being Poisoned by Hunters' Ammunition 2) Bottled Water: A Symbol of U.S. Commerce, Culture 3) Cold-Averse Plants Warm Up to a New Home 4) Big Retail Stores Prime Solar Energy Generators 5) Cleanup Begins on Montana's Clark Fork River 6) Individuals Unite to Trim Personal Carbon Emissions (13458KB)


Stories: 1) 'Evan Almighty' Director Tries Carbon-Neutral Set 2) Energy Bill Passes Key Test in Senate 3) Lawmakers Focus on 'Greening' the Capitol 4) New Zealand Tackles Methane Problem 5) Modbury, England, Goes Plastic Bag-Free 6) EPA Airs Plan to Tighten Ozone, Smog Standards (11426KB)


Stories: 1) Fiji's Mangroves, Coral Under Assault 2) Las Vegas Water Battle: 'Crops vs. Craps' 3) Western States, Provinces To Set 'Green' Region 4) Democrats Building Energy Bill Face Competing Goals 5) Sturgeon and Humans Collide on the Suwannee 6) Tuvalu Envoy Takes Up Global Warming Fight (18103KB)


Stories: 1) NASA Chief Regrets Voicing His Views on Climate 2) And the Biggest Producer of Greenhouse Gases Is … 3) Climate Change Tops Agenda at Opening of G-8 4) Global Warming to be Touchy Issue at G-8 Summit 5) Europe's Carbon Trading Market Sees Brisk Business 6) Tiny Island Makes Climate a Priority (12424KB)


Stories: 1) Bush Urges Curbs on Greenhouse Gases by 2009 2) Who Should Decide the Ideal Global Climate? 3) NASA Scientist Critiques Bush's Strategy 4) Hawaii Businessmen Back Renewable Energy Plan 5) Hawaii Family Lives Off the Grid 6) Japan Pushes for Wider Whale Hunt (13236KB)


Stories: 1) Oregon Environmental Activists Sentenced 2) NYC to Use Hybrid Taxis, Minnesota Bird Power 3) Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Refurbished and Running 4) Hurricane Center Weathers Own Storm 5) Seed Banks Move to Save Threatened Species 6) Taking an Icy Look at Global Warming (11915KB)


Stories: 1) Cities Battle Over River's Pollution Level 2) Pollution Causing Global Dimming 3) Major Cities Get Green Funding 4) FDA Clears Fish of Melamine in Washington State 5) California Community Promotes Biking to Work 6) Stricter Rules Coming for Vehicle Emissions (7839KB)


Stories: 1) Democrats Fault Interior on Endangered Species 2) Geese Take Over Chicago Parks 3) Fuel-Efficiency Bill Clears Senate Panel 4) Laurie David: One Seriously 'Inconvenient' Woman 5) Waging a One-Woman War Against Black Flies 6) GM Prepares to Trot Out a Hybrid SUV (10937KB)


Stories: 1) A Mining Adviser's View of Global Warming 2) California Company Works to Cut, Adapt to Warming 3) Britain Points Way to More Fuel-Efficient Motoring 4) Bee Deaths, Loss of Navigation Cause Concern 5) Climate's Role in Human Evolution 6) China's Coal-Fueled Boom Has Costs (16702KB)


Stories: 1) American Crocodiles Make a Comeback 2) For Earth Day, An Environmental Home Tour 3) Gardeners Gather in Bucks County for Hellebore Show and Tell (6734KB)


Stories: 1) Study Says Ethanol Pollution Could Rival Gas 2) Giant Bats Snatch Birds from Night Sky 3) U.N. Security Council Debates Climate Change 4) New Mexico Seeks to Clean Up Santa Fe River 5) Climate Change Worries Military Advisers (10827KB)


Stories: 1) Auto Industry Fights Vermont Regulations 2) The Future of Emissions Regulation 3) The 'Highest' Spot on Earth? 4) Dolphins Dodge Danger in the Bosphorus Strait 5) Magnolias Threatened by Logging, Development 6) Killing of Wildlife, Pets Brings Call for Poison Ban (15588KB)


Stories: 1) Allergy Sufferers Face Huge Volumes of Pollen 2) Justices Thwart Bush Team on Environmental Policy 3) Tsunami Moved Too Quickly for Warning System 4) High Court Rebukes EPA on Emissions, Environment 5) Aldo Leopold's 'Marshland Elegy' 6) Ransom Myers Predicted the Future of Fish (11296KB)


Stories: 1) Alarm Over Missing Bees Prompts House Hearing 2) Rewrite Would Weaken Endangered Species Act 3) A Device to Send Hail Back to the Heavens 4) 'Marketplace' Report: Burger King's Humane Choice 5) Study: 634 Million People at Risk from Rising Seas 6) Warming Arctic Boosts Snow Geese Flocks (10795KB)


Stories: 1) Al Gore Testifies Before Congress on Global Warming 2) Gore Takes Global Warming Message to Congress 3) Deadly Tornadoes Spur Calls for Better Warnings 4) Missourians Take Classes on Spotting Tornadoes 5) New Hampshire Calls for Action on Warming 6) Congress Holds Global Warming Hearings (11880KB)


Stories: 1) Would More Biofuel Use Threaten Food Supplies? 2) Eagles Vie with Landowners for Waterfront Property 3) Climate Change's Winners and Losers 4) 'Marketplace' Report: Opposition to CAFE 5) Eagle Population Up, But Prime Habitat Threatened 6) San Francisco Nears Ban on Plastic Grocery Bags (13185KB)


Stories: 1) Pollution Found to Inhibit Rainfall in China 2) Alternative Fuel Creates Tax Woes for Couple 3) Lawmaker Seeks Hunting Park for Veterans 4) Government Begins Hearings on Polar Bear Listing 5) Government, Tribe Clash Over Bison-Care Contract 6) South Africa Faces Elephant Overpopulation Problem (11272KB)


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